Valentines Day Special

Now through February 14, 2017:

One Stop Collar Shop is celebrating the unconditional love of dogs by sending you a free “heart themed” classic collar with every collar purchased from now until February 14, 2017. It is our way of saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” to you and your loving companion. Please indicate collar size and pattern of choice in the “note” section of the order form.


1.5 inch

1 inch

1 inch



3/4 inch

Help us end our year supporting Chase Away K9 Cancer

From now until December 31, 2015 we will make our regular donation to Chase Away K9 Cancer on all our products.  This will cover all designs, patterns and configurations.  So as you move forward into this Christmas season you can take care of some of your gift shopping and help our friends at Chase Away K9 Cancer.

Chase Away K9 Cancer’s Collars and Leashes have new colors and the leash has a new feature

We have added two new webbing colors to the mix for Chase Away K9 Cancer‘s collars and leashes.  Neon Orange and Neon Green.  Wow what a fun addition.  The new “optional” feature on the leash is the adjustable configuration.  The 60″ adjusts to approx 36″ and the 48″ adjusts to approx 30″.

IMG_2221  IMG_2231IMG_2243

New pattern for the Chase Away K9 Cancer

IMG_2189 IMG_2191

As most of you know we are extending our contribution to Chase Away K9 Cancer by including a special ribbon pattern every quarter.  Starting today and running for the next 90 days we will be featuring the “Camo” line.  When anything in the “Camo” pattern is ordered we will send our contribution (30%) to Chase Away.  It’s available in green, blue or pink.  If you order a collar and leash set, we will add the padded handle to the leash at no extra charge.   All collars order will include the Chase Away K9 Cancer Tag.

Remember anything bought in this color pattern will be earning extra funds for our good friends at Chase Away K9 Cancer.  or


Announcing Chase Away K9 Cancer’s New Collar Club

We are pleased to announce Chase Away K9 Cancer’s Collar Club.  We are extending our contribution to Chase Away K9 Cancer by including a special ribbon pattern every quarter.  We will be starting with the “HOT Stuff” pattern as shown here by handsome young Olie.  It’s available in red or blue. So remember anything bought in this color pattern will be earning extra funds for our good friends at Chase Away K9 Cancer.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in the special pattern drop us a note.


Help us fight the good fight.

Olie in Hot Stuff

Response to recent website and Facebook comments

As of late, we’ve received website and Facebook comments from folks that do not approve of prong collars.  Due to the crass language used in these comments, we’ve deleted them.
It is not our goal to convince anybody to use a prong collar.  Unfortunately our critics are those who have not used or examined our collars.  To assume how our products are made and used without hands on experience is a critique with no value.
Some of the comments confused prong collars for choke chain collars, which are not part of our product line.  In addition, our collars are not designed for training.
Our goal is to provide collars and leashes that folks find helpful.  Rescues, therapy dog organizations, veterinarians, vet techs, chiropractors, and sport dog enthusiasts, as well as many trainers from a wide cross-section of the disciplines, use our prong collars.
As long as we can provide products (both with and without prongs) that allow our customers to safely include their furry family members in more activities and events we will make them available.

Chase Away K9 Cancer has got accessories

Chase Away K9 Cancer has got three new accessories. Lanyards, key chains and zipper pulls.  These accessories will make your support for Chase Away K9 Cancer even more visible .  Through June 30, 2013 we will include a free Chase key chain with every Chase Away K9 Cancer order. Remember 25% of the sale price is donated to the Chase Away K9 Cancer Fund.



Support “Semper Fi Fund” with patriotic collars and leashes

One Stop Collar Shop is proud to support the “Semper Fi Fund” through the sales of our patriotic themed collars and leashes. 25% of these product sales goes directly to support this worthy cause. With the 4th of July just around the corner, put your patriotism on display with the striking red, white and blue collar and leash selections. FREE matching key chain (1″ ribbon patterns only), with your order now through June 30, 2013. Click on image for full view.


Announcing three new products from One Stop Collar Shop!

One Stop Collar Shop, your unique source for high quality dog collars and leashes  is pleased to announce three new additions to our product line – matching key chains, lanyards, and zipper pulls. Available in 1″ ribbon patterns and webbing colors. The key chains are 71/2″ x 1″ in size, the lanyards are 36″ around and the zipper pulls are 41/2″ x 1″. Not only a perfect addition to your collar and leash combo, but also a fun and unique gift for family and friends. Get your FREE matching key chain with any order, now through June 30, 2013. Click image for full view.


Chase Away K9 Cancer Harnesses are coming.

We are happy to announce the Chase Away K9 Cancer Harness should be arriving this week.  You can order yours now to insure a quick shipment.  Remember 25% of the sale price is donated to the Chase Away K9 Cancer Fund.

Jana is showing off the “first” Chase Away K9 Cancer Harness.  This very striking harness is well suited for a casual walk or any dog sport you and your dog choose.  This harness is padded for added comfort and is designed to allow great movement without chaffing. Sizes currently available are Large for a girths of 28.5″ to 33.5″, M/L 27.5″ to 32″,  Medium 24″ to 28″, and S/M 21.5″ to 25″.  More sizes will be coming.