Response to recent website and Facebook comments

As of late, we’ve received website and Facebook comments from folks that do not approve of prong collars.  Due to the crass language used in these comments, we’ve deleted them.
It is not our goal to convince anybody to use a prong collar.  Unfortunately our critics are those who have not used or examined our collars.  To assume how our products are made and used without hands on experience is a critique with no value.
Some of the comments confused prong collars for choke chain collars, which are not part of our product line.  In addition, our collars are not designed for training.
Our goal is to provide collars and leashes that folks find helpful.  Rescues, therapy dog organizations, veterinarians, vet techs, chiropractors, and sport dog enthusiasts, as well as many trainers from a wide cross-section of the disciplines, use our prong collars.
As long as we can provide products (both with and without prongs) that allow our customers to safely include their furry family members in more activities and events we will make them available.

Support “Semper Fi Fund” with patriotic collars and leashes

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Announcing three new products from One Stop Collar Shop!

One Stop Collar Shop, your unique source for high quality dog collars and leashes  is pleased to announce three new additions to our product line – matching key chains, lanyards, and zipper pulls. Available in 1″ ribbon patterns and webbing colors. The key chains are 71/2″ x 1″ in size, the lanyards are 36″ around and the zipper pulls are 41/2″ x 1″. Not only a perfect addition to your collar and leash combo, but also a fun and unique gift for family and friends. Get your FREE matching key chain with any order, now through June 30, 2013. Click image for full view.